Group Tickets

UTEP Athletics is committed to providing you with affordable entertainment options for your next group outing and nothing is better than enjoying an exciting UTEP athletics event with friends, family, co-workers or clients. Group tickets are available at the following rates.

Please note that group tickets cannot be purchased for the football game against Oklahoma on Sept. 1, 2012

# of TicketsPrice
25-99 tickets $16 per ticket
100-249 tickets $14 per ticket
250+ tickets $12 per ticket
Men's Basketball
# of TicketsPrice
25+tickets $12 per ticket
Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball
# of TicketsPrice
10+tickets $2 per ticket

Purchasing groups tickets offers terrific advantages; you can reward your employees or volunteers with a company or group outing and tailgate, entertain potential clients at a game and offer tickets to charities in your company's name. You decide how to use your group tickets to your advantage!

Purchasing group tickets also gives you the opportunity to tailgate in style with your friends, family or business at Glory Field! For information on purchasing a Glory Field chalet please contact Omar Cruz with the Miner Athletic Club office at (915) 747-6912 or For information on group tickets please contact Nick Bidese at (915) 747-7450 or, or click here to fill out this form.

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