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The University of Texas at El Paso
500 W. University Ave.
Brumbelow Building
El Paso, TX 79968-0579
Overnight: 201 Glory Rd., Zip Code: 79902
MAIN PHONE LINE: (915) 747-5347

Athletic Department
Name Position Phone Email
Aley, Stephen Faculty Athletics Representative 915-747-8813 Email
Avalos, Stephanie Multimedia Designer 915-747-5387 Email
Baeza, Irma Administrative Asst. to SWA 915-747-6806 Email
Bonney, Drew Assistant Media Relations Director (Softball, Secondary Football) 915-747-7447 Email
Brunner, Mark Associate Media Relations Director (Women's Basketball, Soccer, Rifle) 915-747-5722 Email
Bump, Britany Assistant Athletic Trainer 915-747-5261 Email
Cano-Salcido, Rebecca Golddiggers Coach 915-747-7828 Email
Carpenter, Catherine Administrative Assistant - Women's Basketball 915-747-8609 Email
Chandler, Donna Administrative Assistant - Football 915-747-5224 Email
Chapman, Jody Insurance Coordinator 915-747-6470 Email
Clift, Veronica Accounting Clerk II 915-747-6784 Email
Cordova, Tony Associate Athletic Trainer 915-747-6468 Email
Crouse, Katie Assistant Director of Compliance 915-747-6783 Email
Dankovich, John Assistant Athletic Director - Ticketing 915-747-6238 Email
Darby, Jeff Senior Associate A.D. - Communications and University Relations (Men's Basketball, Secondary Football, Women's Golf) 915-747-6652 Email
Davis, Charles Director of Video Production & Graphic Design 915-747-5817 Email
Davis, Kirk Head Speed, Strength & Conditioning Coach 915-747-7575 Email
Dunaway, Blake Partner Services Coordinator - IMG 915-747-6229 Email
Fitzpatrick, Shane Assistant Athletic Trainer 915-747-5225 Email
Garcia, Danny Assistant Director of Internal Operations 915-747-7601 Email
Garrido, Mona Administrative Assoc. Specialist - Football 915-747-5224 Email
Gates, Bryan Assistant Athletic Director - Development 915-747-6141 Email
Gomez, Genevieve Assistant Director of Development 915-747-6787 Email
Hearn, Dawn Head Athletic Trainer 915-747-5287 Email
Hodnett, Wil Assistant Athletic Trainer 915-747-6800 Email
Houghton, Linda Administrative Assistant I - UTEP Athletics Department 915-747-5321 Email
Jensen, Katie Administrative Secretary - Track 915-747-5812 Email
Johnson, Traimain Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 915-747-6146 Email
Jones, Chisan Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 915-747-6821 Email
Karp, Juergen Video Coordinator 915-747-6799 Email
Kooger, David C. Assistant A.D./Compliance 915-747-8024 Email
LaBranche, Matt General Manager - IMG 915-747-6660 Email
Leitch, Jonathan Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 915-747-5539 Email
Lerma, Rita Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director 915-747-6822 Email
Levesque, Julie Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA 915-747-6806 Email
Lich, Bea Associate General Manager - IMG 915-747-8426 Email
Lozano, Aaron Media Relations Assistant (Track, Cross Country) 915-747-6451 Email
Martinez, Aileen Director of Marketing 915-747-6782 Email
Mata, Denise Director of Media Relations (Primary Football & Publications) 915-747-6653 Email
Marquez, Bianca Head Cheerleading Coach 915-747-6113 Email
Morales, Belinda Accountant II 915-747-6871 Email
Okolo, Nicole Director of Student Athlete Development 915-747-6203 Email
Park, Chris Senior Associate Athletic Director - Development and External Operations 915-747-8759 Email
Posada, Norma Administrative Secretary - Football 915-747-5224 Email
Pulido, Sandra Accounting Clerk II 915-747-5321 Email
Ramos, Mary Administrative Assistant - Men's Basketball 915-747-5323 Email
Reyes, Monica Accounting Specialist 915-747-6777 Email
Rouhana, Fadia Athletics Student Aid Coordinator 915-747-8607 Email
Stull, Bob Director of Athletics 915-747-6822 Email
Teblum, Jeremy Assistant Athletic Trainer 915-747-6188 Email
Teicher, Jon Assistant A.D./Director of Broadcasting 915-747-6869 Email
Thomas, Drew Assistant Director of Development 915-747-6912 Email
Vanderslice, Claudia Business Manager 915-747-8620 Email
Vega, Ellie Media Relations Assistant (Tennis, Volleyball, Men's Golf) 915-747-6451 Email
Vrahnos, Claudia Season Tickets Accountant II 915-747-7867 Email
Walker,Sekou Head Equipment Manager 915-747-5233 Email
Woodruff, Jordan Multimedia Designer 915-747-5387 Email
Basketball - Men's
Tim Floyd Head Coach (915) 747-5323 Email
Phil Johnson Assistant Coach (915) 747-5323 Email
Bobby Braswell Assistant Coach (915) 747-6098 Email
Kris Baumann Assistant Coach (915) 747-5323 Email
J.A. Anglin Director of Scouting & Player Personnel (915) 747-5323 Email
Evan Eustachy Director of Basketball Operations (915) 538-8223 Email
Basketball - Women's
Kevin Baker Head Coach (915) 747-8609 Email
Nicole Dunson Assistant Coach (915) 747-8609 Email
Michael Madrid Assistant Coach (915) 747-8609 Emal
Lori Morris Assistant Coach (915) 747-8609 Emal
Cross Country
Paul Ereng Head Coach (915) 747-6840 Email
Sean Kugler Head Coach (915) 747-5224 Email
Brent Pease Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks (915) 747-5224 Email
Tom Mason Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers (915) 747-5224 Email
Spencer Leftwich Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line (915) 747-5224 Email
Brian Natkin Tight Ends Coach/Special Team Coordinator (915) 747-7575 Email
Cornell Jackson Running Backs Coach (915) 747-5224 Email
Andrew Browning Defensive Line Coach (915) 747-5224 Email
Don Yanowsky Assistant Special Teams Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator/ Safeties (915) 747-5224 Email
Chuck Veliz Wide Receivers Coach (915) 747-5224 Email
Derrius Bell Cornerbacks Coach (915) 747-5224 Email
Nate Poss Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations (915) 747-5224 Email
Golf - Men's
Scott Lieberwirth Head Coach (915) 747-5396 Email
Golf - Women's
Jere Pelletier Head Coach (915) 747-5395 Email
Hannah Muegge Head Coach (915) 747-6651 Email
Kevin Cross Head Coach (915) 747-7178 Email
Heather Clark Assistant Coach (915) 747-7185 Email
Jessie Pettit Assistant Coach (915) 747-7186 Email
Tobin Echo-Hawk Head Coach (915) 747-7150 Email
Cristina Cobb-Adams Assistant Coach (915) 747-7158 Email
Ivan Fernandez Head Coach (915) 747-6659 Email
Track & Field
Mika Laaksonen Head Coach - Throws (915) 747-6841 Email
Paul Ereng Associate Head Coach - Distance (915) 747-6840 Email
Leon Settle Assistant Coach (915) 747-5819 Email
Davian Clarke Assistant Coach (915) 747-5812 Email
Lacena Golding Clarke Assistant Coach (915) 747-5812 Email
Holly Watts Head Coach (915) 747-6656 Email
Paty Figueiredo Assistant Coach (915) 747-6657 Email
Jerry Wagner Assistant Coach (915) 747-6654 Email
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