UTEP Tennis Tripped Up by New Mexico, 4-3

Anastasiya Sylenko

Feb. 17, 2013

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – The UTEP Tennis team took the early advantage by winning the doubles point for the second day in a row. But the Miners (3-6) lost, 4-3, for a second day in row to New Mexico (2-2) at the Linda Estes Tennis Complex Sunday.

The loss makes it the fourth in a row, all by one point.

Juniors Marie Leblond and Gabi Vazquez beat Nikolina Grbac and Michaela Oldani, 8-3, at No. 2 doubles giving the Miners the early edge. Sophomore Anastasiya Sylenko, who is playing in just her second spring match, played alongside freshman Jamie-Leigh Michau finished out doubles play by outplaying Kristin Eggleston and Katie Wookey, 8-5, giving UTEP the early 1-0 lead. Sylenko and Michau won a doubles match for the second day in row.

The Miners would drop four singles matches, but not without some drama. LeBlond and Grbac played three sets to decide the outcome at No. 2 singles. LeBlond lost the first set, 6-1, but prevailed, 7-5, in the second. The native from Montreal came up short in the third set though, 6-2.

Junior Rebeca Calvillo and Vazquez won the two singles matches.

The Miners will play their first home match against Illinois State (1 p.m. MT) at the El Paso Tennis Club Friday.

Singles competition

1. Michaela Bezdickova (UNM) def. Martina Trierweiler (UTEP) 6-1, 6-0

2. Rebeca Calvillo (UTEP) def. Kristin Eggleston (UNM) 7-6, 6-0

3. Nikolina Grbac (UNM) def. Marie Leblond (UTEP) 6-1, 5-7, 6-2

4. Gabi Vazquez (UTEP) def. Katie Wookey (UNM) 6-1, 6-4

5. Laura Richardson (UNM) def. Jamie-Leigh Michau (UTEP) 6-2, 6-1

6. Susanna Kuuttila (UNM) def. Anastasiya Sylenko (UTEP) 6-1, 6-3

Doubles competition

1. Michaela Bezdickova/Laura Richardson (UNM) def. Martina Trierweiler/Rebeca Calvillo (UTEP) 8-5

2. Marie LeBlond/Gabi Vazquez (UTEP) def. Nikolina Grbac/Michaela Oldani (UNM) 8-3

3. Anastasiya Sylenko/Jamie-Leigh Michau (UTEP) def. Kristin Eggleston/Katie Wookey (UNM) 8-5

Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (1,6,4,5,2,3)



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