Mike Price Summer Camp

Date Name Location Check In
6/1/12 El Paso One Day Camp      Sun Bowl 4 p.m
6/10/12 South Dallas Camp Cedar Hill High School 4 p.m.
6/11/12 West Dallas Camp Arlington Lamar High School 7 a.m.
6/11/12 North Dallas Camp Tommy Standridge Stadium 4 p.m.
6/13/12 North Houston Camp Spring ISD Stadium 7 a.m.
6/13/12 South Houston Camp Friendswood High School 4 p.m.
6/14/12 West Houston Camp Jack Rhodes Stadium 7 a.m.
6/15/12 San Antonio Camp Heroes Stadium 7 a.m.
6/16/12 Austin Camp Kelly Reeves Stadium 7 a.m.


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