Mike Price Media Luncheon Quotes (11/14/11)

Mike Price

Nov. 14, 2011

(Thoughts on the 22-17 win over East Carolina)

"It was so much fun. There was so much energy, so much excitement from our team our fans. The weather was great and the game was a lot of fun to watch. The fans responded to our players and our players played with much more enthusiasm and intensity than they did against Rice [on Nov. 5]. Football is a game of mistakes. Generally the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins the game. We made some mistakes and had some adversity, but no one panicked. One of the things I liked was how we had to change our kickers in the middle of the game and they stepped up and did a great job. We had to change our quarterback and Carson Meger came in and did a great job. We looked fast and fresh. It looked like we were having fun and we won in the fourth quarter. We had a great week of practice and played like we practiced.

"There were no penalties in the special teams game. We're covering like crazy, covering punts and kickoffs really well. Mike Scott and Steven Valadez did a tremendous job kicking when Dakota [Warren] got hurt. On offense we sustained some good drives, but still need to do better in the red zone, orange zone and goal line. We finally executed our no huddle offense. We got our rushing game back together. Joe Banyard and Vernon Frazier both averaged over seven yards per carry. We only had one sack and 69 percent completions. We did a good job in the running game and broke some long runs.

"East Carolina, before this game, was second in our conference at over 300 yards passing and we held them to 133 yards. We tackled a lot better in the open field than we have in previous games. For the first time all year, our defense scored a touchdown. We had another goal line stand. We had two sacks, and could've had about 10, but the quarterback got rid of the ball so quick."



(On the injuries to QB Nick Lamaison and K Dakota Warren)

"Neither did anything yesterday except get treatment. Both of them have sprained groins. We won't know [about their status] until tomorrow."

(On Carson Meger's performance against ECU)

"I was very pleased with his demeanor, his leadership skills, his charisma and his moxie in the game. He was very cool, very enthused. It's just fun to be around him. He's more outgoing than Nick [Lamaison]. Nick is more businesslike. But I think Carson played very well. I was very pleased with the way he handled the game, and if it wasn't for him it could've turned out differently."

(On the no huddle offense)

"We worked on the no huddle every week since Camp Socorro. Carson ran that in high school, so it wasn't new to him. It's more natural for him to do it. We practiced it a lot more with Carson than we did Nick."

(On the defense's performance against ECU)

"That's one of the better efforts of the year. If their quarterback would've kept the ball just one more second, we would have had a lot more sacks. The offense that they run is perfect for their team right now, but they're a little bit banged up."

(On Tulsa)

"The games we've had with them have always been very close. They're a little different with coach Blankenship than they were a year ago. But they're just as good. They're beatable ... they've lost three games, for crying out loud. It's not like they're the Green Bay Packers. They've gotten beat by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Boise State. And then they're undefeated against all us others. But they are really, really good, and they're healthy and ready to go. They're fighters and competitors.

"G.J. Kinne is one fantastic quarterback, one of the highest recruited quarterbacks in the state of Texas. He's tremendous. He can run, he can pass, he makes good decisions, he's competitive and he's tough. He's really the heart and soul of that offense. They have two speed backs, Ja'Terian Douglas and Trey Watts, and a great big fullback Alex Singleton, who they bring in for short yardage and he runs over people. They have a solid offensive line, some good receivers and they're real balanced offensively. They have a great kickoff guy. They have a beautiful looking defensive end, Tyrunn Walker. He's big and fast. Their best player on defense is Curnelius Arnick. He's in the top three in the conference in tackles. They have a free safety, Dexter McCoil, who's 6-4, 245 pounds."

(On having the home field advantage)

I think having the game here makes a big difference. There's a lot of excitement involved with this week because of our seniors, and it's their last game in the Sun Bowl. We know that we're playing a really good team and that inspires us to play even better. We know that this gives us a chance to be bowl eligible, so there are all kinds of reasons to be motivated for this game."

(On Senior Day)

"Senior Day can cause a distraction to some kids. I think it's going to keep us on edge, on point, and ready. We know the importance of the game. There's no more amount of want to win this game than what we'll have. We have everything we need to win this game, we just have to make sure we prepare normally and correctly."

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