The UTEP Athletics Department awards almost $3.8 million in scholarships to nearly 300 student-athletes who proudly wear the Orange and Blue. These young men and women represent UTEP both in the classroom, in their arenas of competition and in the community. Their success brings great pride and recognition to the University, and to all Miner alumni and friends.

For our student-athletes, scholarship assistance is key to their overall success as Miners. In order to remain competitive in all 16 sports, the athletics department funds the maximum scholarships allowed by the NCAA. Private contributions from alumni and friends have long provided the necessary funds to cover scholarship costs.

However, the cost of tuition continues to rise dramatically. The projected scholarships costs for the 2007-2008 academic year is $4.2 million. Keeping pace with the increasing scholarship cost is critical to remaining competitive on a national level. Your contributions will allow our department to continue to compete at the highest level possible.

Your contributions to the Miner Athletic Club can provide a student-athlete a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a Miner. Please visit the Miner Athletic Club benefits chart (link) for more information on giving levels and benefits. Thank you in advance for your gift to the UTEP Athletics Department.

Establishing a Scholarship at UTEP

University scholarships give students the opportunity to reach their potential by rewarding scholastic and athletic achievement and relieving the financial burdens associated with a college education. Additional funds are still needed to support Annual Scholarships, Endowed Scholarships, and the General Scholarship Fund.

Annual Scholarships

If you donate a minimum of $1,500 or more now, and pledge to contribute the same amount for an additional three (3) years, we can award an annual scholarship. By guaranteeing scholarship funds for four (4) consecutive years, you enable a talented student to concentrate on his or her coursework, free from the worry about next year's tuition. You may offer your scholarship to all qualified students, or restrict it to a particular college, school, department or program.

Guaranteed scholarships also provide special naming opportunities. The four-year scholarship can be named after the donor or in honor or in memory of a friend or family member.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship can be established for a minimum of $25,000, which would generate an annual award of approximately $1,125. An endowment is a permanent, named fund at the University in which the principal is invested and only a percentage of the earned income is distributed each year. Funds distributed from endowed scholarships are awarded to deserving students to assist with tuition, fees and other costs related to their academic studies.

All gifts for permanent or endowed funds received by the University of Texas at El Paso are formally reviewed and accepted by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System. Upon acceptance of an endowed gift, a permanent endowment fund is established by the Board to be administered by the U. T. System Office of Development and Gift Planning Services. That office now administers over $4 billion in endowed funds on behalf of UTEP and the other components of the U.T. System.

Endowment funds are invested in the Long Term Fund and managed by UTIMCO, the investment management arm of the University of Texas System. Distributions from each endowment come back to UTEP to be awarded as scholarships pursuant to the donor's instructions. By system-wide policy, the Long Term Fund is invested with the objective of total return. A portion of the return is retained in the principal of the individual fund to offset the effects of inflation and permit some growth in the fund.

A donor may create an endowed scholarship with an initial donation of $5,000 and a pledge for the payment of the balance within five years. No scholarships can be awarded, however, until the endowment reaches the minimum required funding. Until the minimum funding level is reached, all funds that would otherwise be distributed from the endowment would instead be reinvested as a permanent addition to the principal.

Funding levels for endowed scholarships are as follows:

 • General Scholarships Minimum $25,000 endowment
 • Presidential Scholarships Minimum $60,000 endowment
 • Presidential Excellence Scholarships Minimum $80,000 endowment
 • Graduate Fellowships Minimum $100,000 endowment

Miner Athletic Club General Scholarship Fund

Gifts of any amount designated for this fund will be pooled with other similar gifts and used to award as many scholarships as possible each year. These scholarships will be awarded based on scholastic performance and are available to students pursuing any field of study at UTEP.

For more information or to establish a scholarship, please contact the Miner Athletic Club office at (915) 747-8759.

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