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Nov. 30, 2011

UTEP Athletics Mission Statement

The University of Texas at El Paso's Athletics program is rich in tradition. This tradition of excellence spans more than seventy years with the opening of the University in 1914. During this time, UTEP Athletics has earned twenty-two National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) National Championships. One of the most noteworthy national championships was the 1966 Men's Basketball Championship over powerhouse Kentucky.

Today like their predecessors, UTEP student-athletes, coaches and administration are proud of this successful past and are committed to achieving excellence in all facets of Division I NCAA Intercollegiate Athletics. Each year, close to 300 quality young men and women representing 16 different athletic programs strive for excellence in the classroom, in competition and in leadership through service to the surrounding community. Together with your assistance, UTEP Athletics can continue to touch the lives of many Miner fans and mold the futures of our greatest asset, our student-athletes.

Our greatest challenge in continuing to build a successful broad-based athletic program is providing a base of funding that equals other Conference USA members. Presently, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics receives no financial assistance from the state of Texas. Your support of Miner Athletics helps to ensure moneys for needed athletic scholarships and facility upgrades. When you contribute to Miner Athletics, you are supporting a first-class institution and the young men and women who are proud to wear the orange and blue. In advance, we thank you for your consideration and willingness to assure the future success of Miner Athletics.

Miner Athletic Club Mission Statement

The Miner Athletic Club (MAC) is comprised of alumni, friends, parents, and former student-athletes that have made a commitment to UTEP Athletics financially through season ticket donations and donations to the Miner Athletic Club over and above season tickets in addition to volunteering their time. They are men, women, children, alumni, and friends of the UTEP Athletic Family. They are members of the UTEP Athletic Family bound by a common purpose; to provide financial support to talented and deserving young men and women who represent The University of Texas at El Paso academically, athletically and in the community.



The goal of this year's Miner Athletic Club Team Fund Drive is to increase the base support for the UTEP student-athlete scholarship fund as well as increase the season ticket base for UTEP Football and Men and Women's Basketball. We can only accomplish this by increasing current MAC membership, adding new MAC members and/or adding new season ticket holders for UTEP Football and Men and Women's Basketball.

The Miner Athletic Club is integral to the success of UTEP's Intercollegiate Athletics Program and to the success of its student-athletes, both academically and athletically. Today, the Miner Athletic Club is a primary reason why The University of Texas at El Paso has established itself as one of the premier NCAA Division I athletic programs in the nation.

What is the Miner Athletic Club?

  • The Miner Athletic Club is a non-profit fundraising organization established for the purpose of financially subsidizing UTEP student-athlete scholarships. The Miner Athletic Club currently has over 2,000 members.
  • Who is a Miner Athletic Club member?

  • A Miner Athletic Club member is someone who donates annually a minimum of $50 per fiscal year (January 1 - December 31) to the Miner Athletic Club; and/or
  • A Miner Athletic Club member is someone who purchases either football and/or men's basketball season tickets in a donor section (minimum donor section equals $100); and/or
  • A Circle of Champions member is a Miner Athletic Club member.
  • A contribution to the Miner Athletic Club provides:

  • An INVESTMENT in the youth of our community and local university. The Miner Athletic Club's sole purpose is raising funds to provide athletic scholarships for men and women student-athletes at UTEP.
  • An opportunity for SOCIAL INTERACTION - both personal and professional - providing a means for meeting new people and associating with friends and business associates during social and fundraising activities.
  • PRIORITY in purchasing post-season and away game tickets. Ticket priority and seat location for post-season play depend upon the level of your membership and the date when your membership is secured.
  • Potential TAX SAVING BENEFITS. A membership in the Miner Athletic Club may cost less than you think. Actual tax savings are based on your own personal or corporate tax situation and you should confer with your tax advisor for details applicable to you.
  • A BOND between the community and UTEP. A successful athletics program is a tremendous community asset. Sporting events attract a great many visitors, many of whom stay in area hotels, eat in restaurants, seek entertainment and shop in the El Paso area.
  • Support for MAINTAINING FACILITIES that are utilized by community, involving people of all ages.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate CIVIC PRIDE through your membership in a reputable, non-profit organization that has played a significant role in maintaining academic and athletic excellence at UTEP.
  • For INVOLVEMENT with student-athletes and coaches of UTEP. Pre and post-game socials provide the opportunity to get the "real" story by meeting players and coaches.
  • Questions & Answers

    1. WHERE DOES THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT RECEIVE FUNDING? The UTEP Athletic Department receives its funds from four major areas: - Miner Athletic Club Contributions, Season Tickets, Media Rights & Gate Receipts
    2. WHERE DO THE MINER ATHLETIC CLUB DONATIONS GO? All money raised will go to benefit the UTEP Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund
    3. WHAT IS THE COST OF A FULL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP? A full scholarship for 2011-2012 is projected to cost nearly $16,265.00 for tuition, room and board and books. UTEP will provide over $4+ million in student-athlete scholarships.
    4. WHICH SPORTS BENEFIT FROM THE MONEY RAISED BY THE MINER ATHLETIC CLUB? All men and women's intercollegiate athletics programs at UTEP benefit financially from the fund-raising of the Miner Athletic Club.
    5. ARE MINER ATHLETIC CLUB CONTRIBUTIONS TAX DEDUCTIBLE? Yes, however, actual tax savings are based on an individual's personal or corporate tax situation. They should confer with their tax advisor for details applicable to their own situation.
    6. WHEN IS PAYMENT FOR A MINER ATHLETIC CLUB MEMBERSHIP DUE? Payment is due in full by August 31 (associated with season tickets) or December 31, 2011 (not associated with season tickets). However, some exceptions may apply. Please contact the Miner Athletic Club for further information.
    7. ARE THERE PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE? Yes, some payment plans are available upon request for football and basketball.
    Miner Athletic Club Staff

    DARREN D'ATTILIO - Associate Athletic Director for Development (747-8759)

    DANIEL VEALE - Assistant Director of Development (747-6782)

    GENEVIEVE GOMEZ- Administrative Assistant (747-8759)

    OMAR CRUZ - Development Coordinator (747-6912)

    For any questions please contact the MAC (915) 747-8759 or

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