Miner Speed, Strength and Conditioning Center

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Weight Room

The UTEP speed, strength and conditioning program has taken on a whole new look since the opening of the Vandenburg Strength and Conditioning Center. This glass-walled structure is located atop the new Larry K. Durham Center and the view is incredible, overlooking the Sun Bowl and the Franklin Mountains to the west.

Student-athletes have access to 10,000 square feet of training space. The new weight room contains a full range of state-of-the-art equipment such as power lift multi-racks, hammer strength plate-loaded machines and related conditioning apparatus which make the facility a premier setting for intense training. Because of its size and amenities the strength and conditioning center rivals any in Division I athletics.

Included in the new weight room are:

  • 22 Power Lift multi-rack power stations
  • Sixty-six Olympic and power barbells
  • Over 17,000 lbs. of free weight
  • 22 Hammer Strength machines
  • Uesaka multi-level plyometric boxes and Dyna-max medicine balls
  • Various other Body Master and Power Lift equipment
  • A cardio area and nutritional center

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