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Marilyn Rotwein
\Marilyn Rotwein is the UTEP's nutrition educator and sports dietitian. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (RD), and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology (M.S.) from University of North Texas. She is a Board Certified Sports Dietitian (CSSD) in addition to be Texas Licensed (LD) with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Marilyn provides fueling strategies to athletes in order to optimize performance. She offers team talks on fueling strategies/nutrition education with the emphasis on sports specific issues. She designs, implements and manages safe effective nutrition strategies to individuals and groups using evidence based science in order to enhance lifelong health, fitness and optimal performance. She often takes her student athletes on supermarket field trips to provide nutrition education sessions and smart shopping tips for fueling for performance on a tight budget.

For more information, contact UTEP's Student Health Center @ 747-5624 or email Marilyn @

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