On Campus

Athletic Training


Life Skills Coordinators organize a variety of seminars, workshops, and speakers to share with the entire student-athlete population.  These programs are brought on campus to create awareness to common issues facing today's college students.  Workshop topics include resume writing, alcohol and drug awareness, sex education, public speaking, social media, self-marketing, interviewing, budgeting, nutrition, team building, and mental wellness.  Workshops are held in the Larry K. Durham Hall of Champions.

For upcoming workshops, e-mail lifeskills@utep.edu

*NOTE: Student-athletes applying for the student-athlete opportunity fund require a minimum of 2 Workshop Hours and 10 Community Service Hours

Take Back the Night

This is an annual event held to raise awareness for domestic violence.  Advocates and victims speak out to student-athletes in an effort to spread awareness and provide information regarding supportive services for individuals facing domestic abuse.