Sports Nutrition

Marilyn Rotwein is UTEP's nutrition educator and sports dietitian. She provides fueling strategies that optimize athletic performance. She offers team talks on nutrition with emphasis on sports-specific issues. She designs, implements and manages safe and effective nutrition plans to individuals and groups using evidence-based science in order to enhance lifelong health, fitness and optimal performance. Student-athletes may additionally opt for cooking lessons and grocery shopping assistance.

To contact Marilyn, call the UTEP Student Health Center, (915) 747-5624, or email

Sports Nutrition Athletic Peer Program (SNAPP)

The UTEP Sports Nutrition Athletic Peer Program supports the mission of the Student Health Center and Athletic Department by enhancing the health and performance of student-athletes by providing outreach nutrition education. Selected Sports Nutrition Peer Leaders are trained by the UTEP Dietitian to promote and disseminate evidence-based nutrition education to respective fellow student-athletes. The purpose of providing this education is to encourage a healthy intake and fluid plan to promote and optimal performance.

Life Skills SNAPP Hydration Challenge
Members of SNAPP challenge themselves to stay hydrated

Nutrition Topics Covered:
-Foods to Promote Immune Function
-Understanding Dietary Supplements
-Fueling before Exercise
-Fueling during Exercise
-Fueling for Optimal Recovery
-Eating Frequency for Student-Athletes
-Alcohol and Athletic Performance
-Eating on the Road
-Reading and Understanding Nutrition Labels
-Performance Hydration

Becoming a SNAPP Peer Leader

The expectations of the Peer Leader is that they will allocate designated times to be educated by the Sports Dietitian and in turn be responsible for understanding and distributing the nutrition education material to fellow student-athletes. Upon successful completion of the training, the Peer Leader will serve as a liaison between the Sports Dietitian/Athletic Department/SNAPP Coordinator and the respective student-athletes.

SNAPP Peer Leader Application

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