Personal Development

The Athletic Department and the university seek to provide student-athletes with the coping skills necessary to deal with a variety of life's challenges; to support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes; and to encourage emotional well-being, personal growth and decision-making skills. Programs that are currently in place to address the personal development of UTEP student-athletes are:

Freshmen Orientation

All UTEP student-athletes must attend an orientation program designed specifically for student-athletes to proactively address many of the issues student-athletes will be facing when they arrive on campus for the first time as a college student.

PHAT (Peers Helping Athletes Transition) Tuesdays

PHAT Tuesdays is an ongoing freshmen series that focuses on peers helping athletes transition into the college life. The topics vary from alcohol/drug awareness, nutrition, team building, study habits, public presentation, stress relief, and others. A variety of speakers are brought in from the El Paso and UTEP community to interact and meet with UTEP student-athletes.

Mentor/Advising Program

These programs are new to the UTEP Athletics Department. They are offered to student-athletes in order to create a bond with UTEP donors, alumni, staff, and community professionals. These relationships aim to enhance guidance, trust, and support for the academic, career, and personal development of UTEP student-athletes.

Educational Programming

Life Skills Coordinators organize a variety of seminars, workshops, and also bring in speakers to share with the entire student-athlete population. These programs are brought on campus to bring awareness to common issues facing today's college students.

Conference Opportunities

There are a variety of conference opportunities offered to student-athletes. For more information on upcoming conference dates or inquiring about a specific opportunity, please see your Life Skills Coordinators. 

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