Campus Involvement

The Life Skills program encourages student-athletes to participate in campus organizations and University events to develop a sense of school pride and interact with the student body.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at UTEP emphasize campus involvement, community philanthropy, academic scholarship, peer networking, and common interest.  They provide a great outlet for campus and community outreach as well as personal and career development.


UTEP Minetracker is an online directory that provides descriptions and contacts for each Registered Student Organization (RSO) on campus.


This is an annual pep rally that kicks off the start of the fall football season and serves as a fundraising opportunity for the Life Skills department.


Homecoming is a UTEP tradition that celebrates school spirit and campus-wide support for the Athletics department. The Life Skills program strives to involve at least one student-athlete in the homecoming pageant each academic year to integrate Athletics with the student body.

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