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Athletic Excellence

UTEP is committed to supporting its philosophical foundation for the development of athletic programs that are broad-based, equitable and dedicated to the wellbeing of the student-athletes and the team as a whole. The department is continuously striving to provide all the necessary tools for all sports programs to have athletic success. There are several programs designed to assist individual student-athletes and teams in achieving the highest level of success:

Iron Mine Strength & Conditioning Program

The program is designed for student-athletes and emphasizes the necessity for increased strength, power, size, and explosive speed through comprehensive strength training and conditioning.

Athletic Training

This department is an elite educational athletic training program designed to proactively keep UTEP student-athletes healthy and on the field practicing and competing.

Athletic Awards


Athletics Director's Community Service Award

The Athletics Director's Community Service Award is presented to the team that has accumulated the most hours of individual and team service to the community. This award is presented by the CHAMPS/Life Skills program. 

Athletic Director's Academic Award

The Athletics Director's Academic Award is presented to the team that has the highest combined grade point average (GPA) for specific semesters. 

Most Valuable Performer

The Most Valuable Performer (MVP) award is presented to the student-athlete that has achieved outstanding success in their respective sport. 

The Miner Athlete of the Year Award

The Miner Athlete of the Year Award is presented to one male and one female student-athlete who have reached the highest level of athletic success at UTEP. These recipients may be at any stage of their collegiate career. The award is based solely on the athletic success demonstrated by each individual student-athlete.

The Golden Miner Award

The Golden Miner Award is presented to the most well rounded senior student-athlete at UTEP. This award is based on academic success, athletic participation and community involvement/leadership. One senior is eligible to receive this award and must carry a minimum grade point average of 3.2 and have concluded his/her athletic eligibility during the specified  academic year. This award is presented by the Miner Athletic Club.


Sport Academic Award

Awarded to the team in each conference sponsored sport with the highest GPA for the current academic year.

Post-Graduate Scholarships

Twelve awards of $4,000 each for graduates of each academic year. The Faculty Athletic Representatives will determine the recipients at the conference's Spring meetings. At least two awards must go to women and two to men. Recipients of the Conference USA post-graduate scholarships must enroll in a graduate program within three years of receipt of the award.

Athlete of the Year

Conference USA selects a male and female Athlete of the Year at the end of the academic year. The award is based solely on athletic achievement during an academic year and the winners are determined through a vote by the league's Athletic Directors.

Sportsmanship Award

The conference sponsors a Sportsmanship Award in all sports. This award is given to student-athletes, coaches or teams that perform an individual act of sporting behavior or generally conduct themselves with a high degree of good sportsmanship.

Individuals and teams can be nominated by any staff member of a C-USA institution or the conference office.

Sports Nutrition

Marilyn Rotwein is UTEP's nutrition educator and sports dietitian. She provides fueling strategies to athletes in order to optimize performance. She offers team talks on fueling strategies/nutrition education with the emphasis on sports specific issues. She designs, implements and manages safe effective nutrition strategies to individuals and groups using evidence based science in order to enhance lifelong health, fitness and optimal performance. She often takes her student athletes on supermarket field trips to provide nutrition education sessions and smart shopping tips for fueling for performance on a tight budget.

For more information, contact UTEP's Student Health Center @ 747-5624 or email Marilyn @ mgrotwein@utep.edu.

Mental Wellness

A student-athlete's mental health might generate less conversation compared to their physical health, but it is just as important. It makes little sense to try to separate the mind from the body. One affects the other. Medical problems often have psychological or emotional consequences. Psychological problems, which can include eating disorders and substance-related problems, typically have medical consequences. Student-athletes who suffer from depression after an injury illustrate the relationship between physical and mental health. At the same time, some depressed student-athletes are at increased risk of injury. Given the interrelationship between the physical and mental, it might be helpful to view student-athletes with mental health problems as injured in the same manner as student-athletes with physical or medical problems. As with physical injuries, mental health problems may affect athletic performance and limit, or even preclude, training and competition until successfully managed and treated.

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