On Campus

Athletic Training

Miner GEMS

The Miner GEMS mentorship program is designed to pair female student-athletes with an esteemed member of the El Paso community who is willing to provide guidance and nurture professional development.  The program aims to place athletes with a well-established individual with shared career interests in order to promote networking.  Mentors and athletes communicate through organized events, phone, and e-mail in order to develop lasting and beneficial relationships.


Miner GENTS was a programmed developed for male student-athletes interested in mentorship to compliment the Miner GEMS initiative.  GENTS enables participants to create relationships with established men in the local community in order to further develop personally and professionally.

For a GEMS or GENTS program application, e-mail lifeskills@utep.edu

Career Shadowing

Life Skills also helps student-athletes adjust from the field to the workforce by encouraging volunteer hours and shadowing with professional organizations/individuals in their areas of study.

For more information regarding career shadowing, e-mail lifeskills@utep.edu 

Additional Career Resources:

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University Career Fairs http://studentaffairs.utep.edu/default.aspx?tabid=15637

Employer Information Sessions http://studentaffairs.utep.edu/default.aspx?tabid=12389