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The Story Behind The University's Color & Fight Songs

Research fails to produce where and why the school selected the colors orange and white. It is known the student body debated in the early 1920s as to whether it would continue with these colors after the school changed its name for the first time. The students voted to keep the colors.

In 1980, blue was added so the official colors became orange, white and blue.

When the new athletic department logo was introduced in 1999, a darker hue of blue was incorporated into the logo, as well as a silver accent to go with the customary orange.

"The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" was adopted by the 1920 student body when the song had been "declared the school anthem for the University of Texas (Austin)."

UTEP's fight song, "Miners Fight" was also an offshoot from the Austin Campus. However, in the late 1980s and with Marty Robbins' blessing, Professor Gene Lewis rewrote the song with the melody "El Paso."

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