Autograph and Donation Request Policy

  • The Autograph and Donation Request Form (.pdf document) must be completed by the person/organization seeking the autograph. This form includes Guidelines for Autographed Items and the NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities.
  • UTEP has an institutional policy of only donating game tickets
    • Requests for door prizes will be declined
    • We have an institutional policy in which we do not donate items to other colleges or universities.
  • All donation requests need to be received at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • The UTEP Athletics Department policy prohibits personal requests for autograph and memorabilia items.
    • Any person requesting an autographed item must purchase the item (football, basketball, etc.). No items will be provided by the UTEP Athletic Department.
    • Additional shipping costs must be paid for by the person seeking the autograph.
  • We limit our donations to local/state/regional requests. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help every organization that requests a donation.
  • Auction Items - If the donated item(s) or proceeds from the donated item are going to benefit high-school age students or student groups in any way, we cannot help. These students are potential student-athletes and therefore, it is a NCAA violation for us to donate to these fund-raisers.
  • All requests will be reviewed for compliance with UTEP, Conference USA and NCAA regulations. Only after the request has been approved by Compliance, will it be considered for a donation from UTEP Athletics.
  • A member of the Athletics Department staff will call the person/organization and inform them if their request has been approved or denied.
  • Only one item per request/organization per year.
  • Request form and supporting documentation must be mailed or faxed to the UTEP Athletics Department:
  • Donation Request
    Brumbelow Building, Room 109
    500 W. University Ave.
    El Paso, TX 79968
    Fax: (915) 747-5247

The item requested can be shipped back to the organization (at their expense) or can be picked up in the Brumbelow Building, Room 109.

For more information please contact:

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Download Autograph and Donation Request Form here

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