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Durham Center

The Larry K. Durham Sports Center opened its doors in August 2002. Named for successful businessman and former Miner football standout Larry Durham, the 65,000-square foot building, situated adjacent to the Sun Bowl, features:

Hall of Champions
Honoring UTEP's athletic heritage...the room is utilized for university and Department of Intercollegiate Athletics receptions and functions...features include: 11 flat screen TVs (three hanging, eight set into wall); seven swivel banners, showcasing sports currently sponsored by UTEP; and photos of football great Ken Heineman, track and field standout Suleiman Nyambui and the 1966 national champion Miner men's basketball team.

Strength and Conditioning Center
Boasts 11,420 square feet of space (old weight room was less than 5,000 square feet), and is utilized by all UTEP student-athletes...features include: open space with 22 stations for all Olympic lifting; all-new equipment; two office areas, one storage area and a juice bar.

Football Complex
Features include: 12 coaches' offices and one conference room; business center; video equipment room; kitchenette and storage area.

Football Locker Room
First-class and luxurious with 120 individually milled wooden lockers...also features an open meeting area, showers and bathroom facilities.

Sports Medicine Center
Encompasses 4,798 square feet of space (old training room was 2,064 square feet), and is utilized by all UTEP student-athletes...features include: taping and treatment areas; one hot and one cold whirlpool in the Hydro Therapy Center; X-ray and exam rooms.

Athlete Equipment Center
Features include: six dryers and three washers; upper space for storage, sewing machine, etc.; 160 small lockers for student-athletes to store uniforms and practice gear.

Student-Athlete Lounge and Computer Center
Features 14 computers which are utilized by student-athletes between classes and prior to practice...student-athlete lounge has three TVs, vending machines, etc.

Human Performance and Bio Mechanics Laboratory
A Kinesiology lab for students.

Other Durham Center Features
Six football positional meeting rooms; one large football meeting room; separate locker rooms for male and female students and coaches.

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