Memorial Gym

Memorial Gym
The home of the 1966 NCAA Basketball Champions, Memorial Gym continues to house the UTEP volleyball team since the program's inception in 1974. With capacity at 5,200, Memorial Gym is consistently at the top of the Conference USA standings in attendance making it one of the best venues in the league.

Memorial Gym contains two classrooms, a kickboxing, judo, and karate dojo (mat room, an auxiliary gym (the size of two full volleyball courts) and the main gym floor that is the size of four volleyball courts. In addition, Memorial Gym houses six full-size racquetball courts, the Exercise Physiology Lab, and the equipment room for the Kinesiology and Physical Education Activity Classes.

Facility Quick Facts
1st Year Of Volleyball Notable All-time record Video Tour
1974 Was home of the 1966 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions 178-223 Explore on MinerStrong
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