Athletic Training

Report Distribution

Pursuant to NCAA Bylaw, member institutions are required to provide prospects and their parents or legal guardians the information contained within the NCAA admissions and graduation-rate data; academic progress rate and graduation success rate report. The information shall be provided at the earliest opportunity, or upon request; however, in no event shall an institution provide the information later than the day prior to a prospective student-athlete's signed acceptance of the National Letter of Intent.

  Graduation-Rates Report
The graduation-rates report provides information about all undergraduate students who were enrolled in a full-time program of studies for a degree as well as student-athletes who received athletics aid from the University for any period of time during their entering year. A graduation rate is based on a comparison of the number of students who entered the University and the number of those who graduated within six years. Three different measures of graduation rates are presented in the report: (1) freshman-cohort rate, (2) graduation-success rate, and (3) exhausted-eligibility rate.

Academic Progress Rates
The APR report provides information about student-athletes at the institution who received athletics financial aid or for teams that do not award athletics aid, were recruited by the institution. The report is based on each student-athlete, having the opportunity to earn two points during each regular academic term of full-time enrollment. The APR is calculated by adding all points earned by student-athletes over the past three academic years and dividing that number by the total possible points that could have been earned. That number is then multiplied by 1,000.

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