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National Letter of Intent (NLI)

Most incoming Division I student-athletes that receive athletically-related financial aid participate in the National Letter of Intent Program, which is administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Association. The University of Texas at El Paso is a member of the National Letter of Intent Program.

The National Letter of Intent is an agreement among participating schools that once a prospect accepts an offer of athletics financial aid to attend an NCAA school, other NCAA schools will recognize the offer and cease to recruit the prospect.

Once a prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent, the prospect has then committed him-/herself to UTEP for one year as long as they are accepted for admission and meet NCAA eligibility requirements. UTEP also commits a full or partial athletics scholarship to the prospect.

The National Letter of Intent is not an offer of admission to UTEP. The sole decision maker concerning admissions is UTEP's Office of Admissions.

Prospects should become familiar with the procedures and implications of the National Letter of Intent before signing. For further information regarding the National Letter of Intent Program, please visit .

If you are a prospective student-athlete and wish to obtain information concerning athletics scholarships, please contact the applicable head coach. Please be aware that outside scholarships (aid from any source other than athletics) can impact an individual and team's financial aid limitations and must be pre-approved by the coaching staff and Compliance Office.

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