Athletic Training

Playing Season/Countable Athletically Related Activities

Playing Season Declaration
Each individual sport must determine their playing season each year. Declaration of the institution's playing season in such sport shall be on file in writing in the department of athletics prior to the beginning of the institution's playing season for that sport. Changes in the declaration for a particular sport are permissible and also shall be filed in writing in the Compliance Office [Bylaw 17.1.3].

Each summer, all head coaches will receive the Declaration of Playing & Practice Season Packet. An individual on each staff will be responsible for completing and submitting to the Compliance Office the Declaration of Playing Season Form, the Length of Playing Season Calendar, as well as the team's competition schedule for the upcoming season.

Countable-Athletically Related Activities (CARA) include any required activity with an athletics purpose, involving student-athletes and at the direction of, or supervised by, any member or members of an institution's coaching staff (including strength and conditioning coaches) and must be counted within the weekly and daily limitations of the sport's declared playing season [Bylaw 17.02.1]. The following NCAA document sets forth these rules and limitations:

Countable Athletically Related Activities

All sports must submit to the Compliance Office the Countable Athletically Related Activities Form for his/her sport for the previous week, regardless of whether or not any countable athletically related activities took place. This form must be signed by at least 5 different team members each week. Exceptions to this number may be made for teams with lower numbers of participants.

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