Athletic Training

BYLAW 11: Personnel

Coaching Staff Limitations Form

  • NCAA Bylaw 11 places limitations on the number and duties of coaches in all sport programs. At the beginning of August each year, the Compliance Office will distribute the Coaching Staff Limitations Form, upon which each head coach will designate his/her staff members for that academic year. The form is to be returned to the Compliance Office no later than the first day of classes each year.

Football Coaching Staff Limitations

Track & Field Coaching Staff Limitations Form

Undergraduate Assistant Coach Contract

  • NCAA rules restrict the activities of an undergraduate assistant coach and the types of benefits or remuneration he/she may receive from an institution and its athletics program. Before utilizing the services of an undergraduate assistant coach, an Undergraduate Assistant Coach Contract must be submitted to the Compliance Office.

Graduate Assistant Coach Contract

Volunteer Coach Agreement

Outside Income

  • NCAA Bylaws, as well as institutional policy, require that all full-time and part-time athletics department staff members (excluding secretarial or clerical personnel) provide a written, detailed account annually to the university president for all athletically-related income and benefits from sources outside the institution. These forms will be distributed by the Compliance Office during the month of September.

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