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Extra Benefits

What are Extra Benefits?

NCAA legislation expressly prohibits University supporters from providing "extra benefits" to enrolled student-athletes. An extra benefit is any special arrangement to provide a student-athlete or his/her family a benefit not authorized by NCAA legislation. In general, you may not provide anything or make special arrangements for student-athletes that are not available to the general student population [Bylaw 16.02.3].

Examples of Prohibited "Extra Benefits"

  • Providing cash or loans in any amount.
  • Signing or co-signing for a loan or guarantee of bond.
  • The use of an automobile or other personal property (i.e., boats, summer homes, stereos, etc.).
  • Gifts of any kind, including birthday cards, flowers, holiday gifts and gifts of clothing or equipment.
  • Providing loans to relatives or friends of student-athletes.
  • Any tangible items, including merchandise.
  • Free or reduced-cost services, housing, rentals, or purchases of any type.
  • Gift of cash or like items.
  • Providing special discounts for goods and services (e.g., car repairs, legal services, haircuts, meals at local restaurants, etc.).
  • Purchasing complimentary admissions from a student-athlete.
  • Providing typing services or other costs associated with school projects or reports.
Examples of Permissible "Extra Benefits"
  • You MAY provide enrolled student-athletes with an occasional home meal, provided the meal takes place at your home and not at a local restaurant establishment. The meal may be catered and must be restricted to infrequent or special occasions. An Occasional Meal Request Form must be submitted and approved by the Compliance before the meal takes place.

Prohibited Benefits and Inducements for Prospects
Please DO NOT provide any of the following inducements or benefits to prospective student-athletes, their families, or their high school, prep school or junior college coaches:

  • Cash or loans.
  • The promise of employment after college graduation.
  • Special discounts or payment arrangements on loans.
  • Employment of relatives, friends, or legal guardians of prospects.
  • Involvement in arranging for free or reduced charges for professional or personal services, purchases, or charges.
  • Use of an automobile.
  • Providing transportation to or from a summer job or to any other site.
  • Signing or co-signing a note for a loan.
  • A loan or gift of money or other tangible items (e.g., clothes, cars, jewelry, electronic/stereo equipment, etc.).
  • Guarantees of bond.
  • Purchase of items or services from a prospect or the prospect's family at inflated prices.
  • Providing directly or indirectly transportation for the prospect or his/her family to travel to the UTEP campus.
  • The promise of financial aid for post-graduate education.
  • Free or reduced-cost housing arrangements.
  • Arrangements for payment of transportation costs incurred by relatives or friends of a prospective student-athlete.

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