Athletic Training

Employment of Student-Athletes

Employment of Enrolled Student-Athletes

  • Please DO NOT provide employment for a student-athlete without first checking with the Compliance Office or the student-athlete's coach. Within certain guidelines, athletics department staff members are permitted to arrange employment for student-athletes. A Student-Athlete Employment Form must be completed if an enrolled student-athlete is to be employed during the academic year. This form is to be signed by the student-athlete, his/her head coach, and his/her employment supervisor prior to being submitted.
  • Any student-athlete employed, either during the summer or during the regular academic year, may be paid only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the locality for similar services performed.
  • Any employment benefits (e.g., transportation to/from job, health insurance, bonuses) provided to the student-athlete must be provided to all other employees performing similar services for the employer.

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