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G'Macs Court Report: Sept. 21, 2011

By Gabriel McCulley

"So far this year has been an experience for me. I'm used to being one of the young guys on the team, and now I'm the OG and the young guys look up to me. It's kind of weird, but it's funny at the same time because I see these guys making some of the same mistakes I made when I was younger. "We just finished up team individuals yesterday. We've got a lot of guys learning some new things. We're still got a ways to go to get prepared for the beginning of the season.

"Some of the guys just went and checked out the new Lion King 3-D and said it's awesome. Those guys love to play Call of Duty and battle each other in the game with zombies. Me, I just live the old man life and do my homework at home and chill with the wife. "I'm working on my master's in leadership studies. School has been kind of easy for me. I'm taking three courses and doing a lot of my work from home, but stats is kind of kicking my butt right now. If anybody out there is good with stats I may need some help!"

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