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Devin's Drives: Sept. 21, 2011

By Devin Miertschin

"I'm looking forward to the season with our new coach, Scott Lieberwirth. So far everybody has been adjusting to each other. I do see some improvement being made. We're taking this fall schedule as an opportunity to get better, and I believe we have the talent to do it. It's just a matter of everybody working hard and getting the results we want.

"Coach and I go back a long way. He has seen me play since high school. He knows my game real well and he's teaching me about course management. He's really a positive guy and that has helped us a lot. I was really excited when I found out he was going to be our coach. He has the credentials and when we brought him here I knew this was a new era and a time for UTEP to get back to the top.

"We just finished playing in our second tournament of the year, the Gene Miranda Invitational in Colorado Springs. Personally I'm very disappointed in myself. I felt I hit the ball well, but there was a stretch of three or four holes that turned my score from even par or under par to four or five over. We all see the areas that we need to work on as we prepare for the next tournament (Sept. 30-Oct. 1 in Albuquerque).

"This is a process. We might struggle early in the season, but we're going to try to take something positive out of each tournament and focus on what we did wrong.

"We have a couple of freshmen, Jere Pelletier and Jacob Loya, and I'm kind of surprised with how quickly they have transitioned from high school to college golf. When I went through this transition, it was really rough for me, but they have really hit the ground running. I'm proud to see it happen and it's a sign of greater things to come with this team.

"School has gone really well for me. I'll be a class short of my degree after May. My major right now is social studies composite, a combination of economics, history and political science. I'm minoring in secondary education. Eventually I would like to make it on the tour and if that doesn't work out I'll stay in the golf business because I love this game to death!"

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